In many ways, we are “replanting” our church. We hope to not only find a sense of community, but really become a positive contributor to community life around us. A difficult challenge in… Continue reading

Life-vest Lessons From A Loon

I am a loon. That is the conclusion I came to while kayaking on the lake where our friends have their cottage. We have been going up there for 10 years. It is… Continue reading


I just couldn’t do it. It was painful not to, but I couldn’t do it. The other day I hit my app to find the cheapest gas. There were warnings that prices were… Continue reading


It was rather disappointing to drive into the Rocky Mountains the other week. You don’t hear that very often do you? It was overcast, with teaming rain and a thick cloud cover. We… Continue reading

  • Scott Stiller

  • Scott is married with three kids. He has been in pastoral ministry for over 17 years, currently serving New Hope Community Church in Ottawa.

    He enjoys theology, writing, hockey and fresh roasted coffee.

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