Although Elf is rising in the ranks very quickly, one of my favorite holiday movie moments is in A Christmas Story, when the dad finally gets his long-awaited delivery. Up until this scene,… Continue reading

The Black Friday Scramble

The alarm went off. It was Black Friday morning. Yet, my eyes did not open. My arm swiftly, and instinctively reached out from the covers into the cool morning air and hit the… Continue reading


I used to mock what I have become. I could never understand how someone could stand in a crawling line for the privilege of paying five dollars for a coffee. I never even… Continue reading


The human brain is quite an intricate and amazing blob. The other morning I was on lookout duty for the bus that picks up our kids in the morning. As I stared out… Continue reading

  • Scott Stiller

  • Scott is married with three kids. He has been in pastoral ministry for over 17 years, currently serving New Hope Community Church in Ottawa.

    He enjoys theology, writing, hockey and fresh roasted coffee.

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