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A Beautiful Day To Honour

This week I sat and listened as my friend stood in front of a quiet crowd and honoured his mother. She passed away the week before. Her health had failed. Her capacity diminished… Continue reading

Silence Isn’t Always Golden

The common phrase, “silence is golden” has been a staple of conventional wisdom tracing back through many centuries and cultures to the ancient Egyptians. And to this day, mothers have proved faithful to… Continue reading

Giving Up Giving Up

It is both incredible and embarrassing to me that I have not written anything anywhere for quite a long time. The months seems to have flown by and yet feels like forever since… Continue reading


A couple of weeks ago, I was driving up the large hill that greets me every time I leave the city on the way to my home. Over the last twenty years, between… Continue reading

  • Scott Stiller

  • Scott is married with three kids. He has been in pastoral ministry for over 17 years, currently serving New Hope Community Church in Ottawa.

    He enjoys theology, writing, hockey and fresh roasted coffee.

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