“A Moments Wrest”, Chapter 5: Are You Gonna Wait Forever

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5 Are You Gonna Wait Forever

Sarah stepped out from the curtained room into the main hallway of the ICU and towards the nurses station. Constable Berk was waiting for her.

Cody Berk did not plan on becoming a police officer. Law enforcement was a late detour in life. As far back as he could remember, he dreamed of being a professional football player. His father was passionate about the game, and effectively passed this on to Cody. During his growing up years, he was the star receiver for every school team he played for. He was fast and had decent hands.

police_officer2Scouts had sights on him until the championship game of his senior year. Leaping to catch a touchdown pass, Cody was sandwiched in a brutal tackle between two opposition players in the end zone. He was carried off the field in a stretcher, and never played another game.

He had spent three months in this very same hospital before completing his recovery and continuing physiotherapy at home. He hated every minute of his hospital stay back then. And every new minute his police work forced him back only brought all the old feelings to the surface. It was the signature smell that grabbed him whenever he entered through the front doors. It never changes, he thought, it’s like death, only disinfected.

“Mrs. Barrat, I am Constable Cody Berk,” he introduced himself, giving no hint of the anxiety in his surroundings. “I am involved in the investigation into your husband’s accident. How are you doing?”

“Well”, Sarah replied, “aside from being really tired, I’m doing ok I guess. I can’t say the same for Oren. His condition has stayed pretty much unchanged the last few days, but he seems at least stable. We just don’t know what he will be like, you know, if or when he wakes up.”

“Of course.” Berk offered, “I was not on shift when the accident happened Mrs. Barrat, but from what I heard it was pretty bad. I know it might not sound like much consolation, but he really should not have survived.”

“Please call me Sarah, Officer”, she said. “It does help a little, thank you. I am trying to see the positive but then I ask myself why he would survive something this horrible, only to live the rest of his life in a hospital bed unconscious? That just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“Not much makes sense to me these days, Sarah.”

Oren watched in disbelief as the small bird disappeared behind the trees. The voice was real, he was convinced. But a bird? Strange as it seemed, it was the only thing that made any sense considering there was no other explaination.

He thought about his conversation with the voice. What was the point of it? Why can’t I stay if I wanted to? He had not noticed any warning signs against trespassing. Of all the places to be hassled by a disembodied voice.

sunlight_fuzzyNot only this, but he had actually planned to head on up the shoreline a bit farther. It was the voice that interrupted him as he was looking for his sandals.

And what did it mean he only sees what he wants to see? He looked out over the water as he had done a hundred times. This was the most stunning place he had ever been. How could he “see” something more beautiful than he could even imagine? You can’t create your own reality!

Oren’s mind was clouding up again, which frustrated him. He had learned early to rely heavily on his ability to absorb and process information. It was one of the talents that made him so successful at…

His mind went blank. He could not remember what he did for a living. That is so crazy! I just had it! The more he tried to think, the less he could remember. In fact, he could barely remember anything beyond his own childhood. There were only vaguely thin, wisps of memories; nothing more than old, faded images of feelings yet to experience.

He glanced up at the sun again hoping it had moved, offering any reassurance things were returning to normal. But it hadn’t. It still hung there in the same place where he first saw it. Great.

Something had changed though. It was slight, but the sun shone with a different light, as if it was smirking at him. He turned away even more upset and stared at the perfectly white sand again. This time, it wasn’t perfectly white. His eyes were drawn to the stark contrast of the two deep footprints he made earlier. Only now, they were no longer filled with clear water as before. T

hey were saturated with a black, oily substance.

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