A Beautiful Day To Honour

This week I sat and listened as my friend stood in front of a quiet crowd and honoured his mother. She passed away the week before. Her health had failed. Her capacity diminished over time by the ailments that overtook her body.

I did not know her personally, but today I felt like I did. The words spoken in her honour painted a beautiful picture of a loving and caring wife, mother and friend. It made me wish I did know her, and had sat at her table for a meal. To hear the laugh, and see the famed twinkle in her eye.

3277839203_0ffd9d23e4The power of a life lived well is one that is lived for others. A life that inspired such appreciative and grateful words is one that was sacrificial. There is no other way to be honoured like that. There are no shortcuts in giving your life away to the others around you.

Because so, her life will not end with that farewell service. It has been sown into the generations of people who knew her and heard those words. The fruit of those seeds will continue to bear fruit for generations even to come. That is a humbling and exciting thought.

It is the way of Christ that makes this possible. It is through His death that we learn sacrifice, and in His resurrection that we can hope for the legacy of new life to leave for others.

The call to pray is taken up by one; the gift of hospitality is inspired in another. The sparkle in the eye appears in many through stories and memories.

It is not only because we have a “blessed hope” of reuniting one day with our loved ones who go before. But it is the model and example of the sacrificial life, that gives us the courage and grace to live that way today, before we die. Christ lived sacrificially long before he met the cross. It is because He did, we can follow along behind Him, living sacrificially for those who follow us.

There is no longer fear in sacrifice, for Christ’s sacrifice before us, nourishes us. There is no fear in facing death, for Christ’s resurrection opens the way for us to live again. Both today, and in the Day to come.

Think about who you honour. Which lives hold high value for you? I suspect they will be people who generously give their lives away.

 Photo Credit: seanmcgrath via Compfight cc