Blind, Chapter 14


The following is a fable, posted in small chapters. If you are new to this story, start with Chapter 1. One morning the sun peeked through the blinds covering our window. I observed how often we tend to block out the light…


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The man’s alarm buzzed early the next morning. As usual, his arm shot out from under the covers and nailed the snooze button perfectly. He had trained himself to do this long before he went blind. Before he could see the irony, he was already sound asleep. Exhausted from his adventure the day before, he forgot it was another school day.

His wife had already been up and busy. She did made a phone call first thing that morning, but it was to her office informing them she was taking a personal day. Today was set aside for her family. It was she who woke up the children for school, and made the lunches. She kissed them goodbye before they trotted down the driveway towards the waiting yellow bus. She didn’t mind this at all. In fact, she missed the early mornings with the kids more often than not. Today was a rare treat.

When the bus pulled away, she gazed upstairs to where her husband was still sleeping. She had not made much sense of what happened the night before. She was grateful to be there for him in a way he could see it too. She was always there for him, but he often played the strong one even when he clearly wasn’t.

He was weak last night, and could not hide it. Instead of retreating like usual, he drew closer to her and that meant so much. She felt as though something significant had changed; something good. Yet, he was very quiet when they left their spot on the floor, and had gone to bed shortly after. He seemed sad, as if something precious had been taken from him. Did she interpret that all wrong? It was confusing. All she could do was hope this new day would be better.

Later on upstairs, a nice Spring breeze blew through the blinds covering the slightly open window. It caused the sunbeams that pushed in to dance across the man’s face.

blinds_sunHe woke up bathed in warmth. Yet he did not want to open his eyes. There was no point. He was sure he was the victim of some cosmic prank and did not want to play anymore. He opened them anyway, perhaps unconscious programming or maybe a sliver of defiance. But when he did, the bright spot from the night before greeted him.

He forgot about it after his last bout of insanity. The man was genuinely surprised to see it, to see anything really. It seemed to have a slight twinkle to it, almost as if it was accompanying unheard laughter. He stared at it for a while. Is it bigger than I remember? It seemed larger but it was so hard to tell. Before he could settle on it, something else grabbed his attention.


His wife had made his favourite Belgium waffle, with berries and maple syrup. She had just pulled the bacon from the pan when she heard him managing the stairs. He made his way to the table and sat down in his chair.

“Good morning sleepyhead”, she said kissing his forehead.

He looked in her direction with appreciation. “Sorry I slept in,” he said. She placed his plate in front of him on the table. He waited a long moment before he asked, “Can you tell me a story?”.

Yes, she thought. It was already a much better day.

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