Blind, Chapter 11

The following is a fable, posted in small chapters. One morning the sun peeked through the blinds covering our window. How often do we tend to block out the light…


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When his wife came down from saying goodnight to the children, he had an herbal tea ready for her. It was in a double walled glass mug, with her favourite crackers and cheese spread. She gave him a loving squeeze before settling down on her side of the sofa.

She shared a funny story of an awkward new temp that started in the office that week. He was a young graduate who was trying to break into the field. His clumsy attempts to make an impression with the veteran staff were painful. He was trying way too hard, but it wasn’t going over well. After a chuckle, she wondered out loud if she came across that way when she started there.

blind_holdinghandsWhile she was talking, the man’s mind had drifted to his own situation. He was trying to figure how to describe what had happened to him without sounding absolutely crazy. She still didn’t seem to notice that he was blind. Where would he start? Even he could not say when it actually happened. How could he not know? It was all too unbelievable.

What would she think of the heat he felt before getting up, or floating in the dark place, or being set on fire out in the back yard? How could he at least convince her, if not prove it when he clearly had no burns or scars? Did it even happen?

No. He couldn’t tell her what was happening to him. He could not make sense of it himself, let alone articulate it to her. But the inescapable reality of his situation stared back at him with huge black eyes. I’m blind! How can he keep that from her any longer? He will need her help more than ever. I have to tell her something, but what? Her voice interrupted his debating thoughts.


She was still waiting for an answer to her question. He looked in the direction of her voice. It was beautiful. He always loved the sound of her voice. In fact, he first was drawn to her over the phone. She was a university roommate of his sister’s one year. He had called because it was his sister’s birthday, and his mom had called to remind him. When he finally got around to it, his sister happened to be out of the residence. Instead, an angelic voice answered. He knew right then he would have to meet her. And he did. He just happened to swing by soon after with a small birthday present. Fortunately, she was really pretty too. They were together ever since. She always had a way of soothing a difficult day simply by telling a story. Her voice was a warm blanket for his soul.

“Hon??”. She asked again. It didn’t sound quite as angelic this time. He was too embarrassed to ask her to repeat the question.

“Are you okay?”

He fully intended to deflect her concern. Before he could, he felt the warmth of her hand on top of his. When he finally opened his mouth to speak, all that came out were sobs.

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