Blind, Chapter 10

The following is a fable, posted in small chapters. One morning the sun peeked through the blinds covering our window. How often do we tend to block out the light…


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Much later, the man drifted back to consciousness. His body felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. He was still pinned down at his shoulders. In fact, they were numb from a weight on both sides. Then he heard the unexpected sound of laughter and giggling. Small voices were describing strange and random things. It was an odd conversation with disconnected words. The weight shifted on his shoulders.

His children had come home from school. After frantically searching through the house, they were amused to find their father napping outside in the grass. It was so strange, they had a good laugh before putting their backpacks away, and grabbing a snack from the fridge.

Dad still hadn’t woken up, so they both joined him on the grass to find out what made it so comfortable. They were still wound up after a full day, so they decided to play a game. The older one asked who could find the funniest shape in the clouds. So they leaned back on either side of their dad, each head pressed against a shoulder while looking up at the sky.

blinds_sunbeamsThe man realized where he was, and who was with him. He was moved that his children would lean up to him in that way. It was something that hadn’t happened in a while. Considering what he had just been through, it was a nice change.

He was grateful the experience was over, and that he was still alive.

He pulled his arms inward around his children and gave them a big squeeze. They didn’t know he was awake. As he pulled them in tight, they let out startled squeals. That is when he opened his eyes, unsure of what would stare back at him. He looked up and stopped mid-breath.


I’m still blind! How cruel to see the light only to lose it again? His emotions swung hard to the other side, but he fought it. The kids wouldn’t understand and he didn’t want to scare them. He asked them to repeat what they could see in the clouds. Together, they laid there for a while longer, and he imagined each shape as they described what they saw.

He asked them if they would like to play a different game. They immediately jumped up with excitement. They hadn’t played with Daddy in a long time. He told them about a new game called “blind man”. They would be his seeing eye dogs, and that it was their job to help him get back into the house. They attentively led their father by the hand, happily barking and yipping as they went back inside the house.

Later, he ordered some pizza for supper, delivered in time for when his wife returned home. They all ate together, and after a little bit of cleaning up, watched their favourite hour of television before his wife shuffled the kids off to get ready for bed.

He sat in quiet once again, and waited nervously for her to return. It felt like forever and yet he was not in a hurry. He had no idea how to tell her he was blind.

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