Blind, Chapter 9

The following is a fable, posted in small chapters. One morning the sun peeked through the blinds covering our window. And I wondered how often we tend to block out the light…


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The man would be laughing if he wasn’t in so much pain. I should have never got out of bed. He was lying on his side in the grass, with shallow breaths. At least no one saw him, he hoped anyway.

He pushed himself up and struggled to his feet again. Shuffling across the grass, he was actually moving farther from the back door. The neighbour living behind them started up his lawnmower, and the man realized he was heading in the wrong direction. He hung his head. Yep.

blinds_sun_brightThe sun had broke out from behind the cloud, just as the man turned around. The wall of heat he walked into saturated his entire being, and forced him back to the ground. The light washed over him like waves of an ocean, one after another. There was no sign it would ever end.

He was very aware of what was happening, and noted it was the first he remembered seeing anything other than darkness in a long time. He marveled at the intensity with which the light shone. Yet it wasn’t too bright, nor were there any shadows. It simply illuminated everything, making things clear and colours pronounced.

The light had the same quality as the warmth he experienced that morning. He recalled the choice he made at the foot of the stairs. So he stretched out his arms to soak in the light as it pulsed around him.

He made his choice, and then the frequency increased. With each wave, the light became more and more bright. The temperature creeped upward, and soon became uncomfortable. It felt like a hairdryer on the highest setting inches away from the skin. He struggled to move, but the heat was oppressive, pinning him down. He tried to cry out, but a river of hot air poured into his lungs, pushing it back down. He felt like he was drowning.

He could no longer keep his eyes open, for the light was too intense. It washed everything out. It didn’t matter, for his eyelids hid nothing. He still watched as massive waves of light crashed over him, again and again.

He felt as though his skin had been lit, burning into his flesh. A fire pierced deeper, igniting every muscle and organ as it worked its way inside. The pain was excruciating now. But he could not anticipate what came next. Somehow between pulses, the fire jumped over to his thoughts and feelings, burning them too. It slowly took his memories, then his dreams. It did not stop. Consuming his disappointments and insecurities, his life flashed before his eyes, and then burst into flames. You tricked me! Just finish me.

But the fire kept going, slowly, burning… burning. When it finally reached for what was hiding at the center of his being, he finally passed out.

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