Blind, Chapter 6

The following is a fable if you will, posted in small chapters. I was inspired one morning as the sun peeked through the blinds covering our window. And how we tend to block out the light…


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As he sat in his chair with his eyes closed, the man’s mind was swirling. His jumbled thoughts and numb feelings pulled at him in every direction. So tired

Please. Just stop.

The man leaned forward in a feeble attempt to change perspective; to change anything. He buried his head in his hands and managed a muddled sound. Leaning even further, his face fell full into the sun as it streamed through the window. His clouded mind collided with a blast of heat.

The man was so startled that he struggled to his feet, and in his panic tripped over the ottoman in the middle of the floor. Fighting for balance, he fumbled out of the room and fell against the far wall in the hallway. He slid backwards onto the hardwood floor. He stayed there, frozen.

Where did that come from?

How could he not see an ottoman that had been in the same place for years? But it wasn’t just that. His mind raced through the day. It dawned on him that he could not remember seeing anything… for a long time. His mind came into sudden focus.

I’m blind.

blind_1Paralysis gripped his chest as his lungs grasped for breath. What is happening to me? Am I dying?

He threw out his hands in search of the banister that led upstairs. Smashing his elbow into the spindles of the staircase, he struggled to stand up. He slid his hands down the railing until they reached the bottom.

He swung around and scrambled up the stairs on all fours. As he did, he tried to reassure himself.

I just need a moment. If I could just lay down and breathe, I could figure this thing out!

Halfway up, his right foot landed on his son’s hockey ball. He recognized immediately what it was. The hard orange ball did not have much give. Oh no.

The ball flung out from under his foot, firing his leg backward. His face came down hard into a step. Before his hand could find something to grab, he tumbled down the stairs. When he landed, he rolled onto his back in pain on the cold hardwood floor.

He opened his eyes, but it didn’t change the view in front of him. It was still black and… Wait. Did something just move? It was near impossible to tell, but somewhere behind the dark, there was even a blacker darkness. I must be going crazy, he told himself. It’s probably my


He was sure he saw something the second time, but before he could move the blackness pounced.

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