Blind, Chapter 5

The following is a fable if you will, posted in small chapters. I was inspired one morning as the sun peeked through the blinds covering our window. And how we tend to block out the light…


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For hours the sun had been moving slowly across the windowpane, waiting for its opportunity. In fact, it had done so for months anticipating a moment just like the one that was about to happen. There would only be mere seconds to accomplish what it needed to do. Soon. Very soon…


The sudden warmth across his face startled the man. It was the very same feeling he had earlier that morning. He remembered how warm and inviting it was. This time, it seemed much more intense. Still he was not expecting it. In his surprise he sat back in the chair and just outside the sun’s reach. The cold was quick to return.

The contrast between the two feelings was much more prominent. The warmth was clearly coming from somewhere far away. But the cold… it seemed to be all around him.

And inside too.

Photo Credit: Michaeldavid54, Compfight, ccHe reached out his hand to where his face had been. Heat. A curious thought crossed his mind that somehow, he might have a choice here. That he could actually decide between the two. That his choice would matter.

Matter? For a long time now he had accepted that he had no choices; that he was helpless.

This place he now sat, strained and exhausted, was the only future he could see. No, this it it for you. This is your life. Whatever glimmer of hope the warmth provided was already stretching thin. Even if it was possible to decide a new path, choices required strength. And he had very little of it. This stifling existence had become all he knew.

He sat on the emptiness of that thought for a while.

But what did he know really? He could never put his finger on it. There was no way to describe or quantify it. Yet it was always there, smothering, sucking the life out of him. He thought back, and vaguely remembered a day when it was not there. It must have been another life altogether.

Only one thing seemed clear to the man, which he could not shake. It troubled him that he never remembered feeling cold before. At least not before he felt the warmth on his face that morning.

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Photo Credit: Michaeldavid54 via Compfight cc