Blind, Chapter 2

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The affliction with which the man unknowingly suffered, had indeed taken it’s toll on him. Blindness had been grinding him down slowly. Each morning, he awoke weaker and with less vision than the morning before. And now, for many months the man has been completely in the dark. He was lost, and simply had no idea.

He awoke as he did many times before, but for the first time, something nagged at him. Normally, he would have been up and moving by this time.

Not today. Was he coming down with something? He hadn’t been feeling particularly spry the last week or so, but he had no cold symptoms.

He did feel tired though. He was tempted to close his eyes again. He would have loved nothing more than to turn over and slipped back to sleep.

Yet there were things that needed to be done. There certainly was he told himself. But he wouldn’t have slept regardless. It was more than that; he was definitely restless.

Something is wrong.

These stretched out moments provided the opportunity for what was about to happen. As he lay there, a single beam of sunlight had been traveling through the window blinds, across the floor and up the side of his bed…

Every other morning, he would have slipped into his routine and left the bed by this time. Later on, he would see the irony that it was not the darkness that triggered the unease, it was something else entirely. Because of his condition, he would feel it first before he would ever see it.

Wait, what was that?

He focused a little harder. Yes.

There was definitely a warmth on his face. It was so slight, but unmistakeable. It felt really nice. He lingered there, soaking it in, afraid that should he move even an inch, it would disappear. His enjoyment tempered the bite of a troubling new thought…

That he did not realize he was so cold.

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