Blind, Chapter 1

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The man stirred as he emerged from a deep sleep. The alarm clock patiently buzzed, growing louder until his arm flailed outward and hit the snooze button. It was quiet again.

Eventually, he opened his eyes.

As he has done for many months, he awoke in complete darkness. Even though the sunlight squeezed through the blinds which covered his bedroom window most mornings, the man could not see it.

Day after day, he would get up and go about his day functioning essentially blind, yet completely unaware.

The blindness in which he lived his life was not a sudden event. If so, he would have recognized it as soon as it happened. No, the change would have been too much of a shock for him to remain as he was.

For him it was a slow, gradual loss of sight that was so incremental, he had no idea it was happening.

With each passing day, he subconsciously adjusted and coped with his diminishing capacity. His mind had feebly, but successfully filled in the gaps left by his lack of sight. The subtle routine repeated each day allowed him to miss what was happening to him. If he at all stopped, allowed himself even a moment to rest and reflect, he may have noticed that something was terribly wrong.

But he hadn’t.

Yet all through this slow regression, he led himself to believe that he was a fully abled person. But nothing was further from the truth.

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